With its inauguration, SHHS has two opportunities for sponsors:

  1. Become a sponsor of the SHHS Website.
  2. Become a sponsor of the quarterly journal, The Archives of Safety and Health. 

Sponsorships provide a way of assisting the purposes of SHHS while gaining visibility for a company, society, organization or person. Sponsorship is not the same as advertising. Sponsors of nonprofit organizations may deduct the sponsorship fees as a charitable contribution.

Website Sponsorship

SHHS will list the Website Sponsor on the home page in approximately the following format:

Website Sponsor

The Web Page Sponsorship continues for one calendar year. It can be renewed. The fee for one year is $1000.

The Archives of Safety and Health Sponsorship

SHHS will list the sponsor of The Archives at the bottom of the cover page of each issue sponsored in approximately the following format: 

Sponsor of this issue

Sponsorship of The Archives is $250 per issue. A sponsor can select one issue or one full year (normally 4 issues). Sponsorship is renewable, but must be resolved and paid for at least two months in advance of any issue being sponsored.

Sponsorship Procedure

To become a sponsor of SHHS, please complete the Sponsorship Request Form (Online) or Print & Mail the Sponsorship Request Form. A potential sponsor of SHHS should contact SHHS to make sure that sponsorships remains available for a desired period before submitting the Sponsorship Request Form.

 SHHS reserves the right to reject any sponsorship request or to discontinue an established sponsorship at any time.

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