Activities & Programs

The initial product of SHHS is a quarterly journal, The Archives of Safety and Health, The purpose of The Archives is to educate those interested in safety and health history about the events, accomplishments, people and issues of the past.

SHHS encourages authors to craft and submit articles for potential publication. SHHS seeks volunteers to serve on the editorial board of The Archives and as its editor(s). Refer to the section on Volunteers.

An additional activity is cataloging more than 22,000 items in the George W. Harper Collection. The cataloging work began with a list of the 719 categories of materials and a count of items within each category. Future work will develop a database of item titles and/or descriptions. Ultimately, SHHS may scan many of the items to make them accessible by patrons, contributors and the public.

Participants in SHHS may volunteer for other activities that can be started once there are volunteers to lead them.

Potential future activities may include:

  • Identifying and recognizing other important libraries and collections devoted to safety and health history.
  • Identifying and potentially recognizing museums that contain exhibits important in safety and health history. That would help publicize the safety and health professions.
  • A living history program that captures written, oral or video records based on interviews with pioneers and leaders of safety and health.
  • Compiling additional collections of materials and literature important in safety and health history and making contents accessible.
  • Promoting research in safety and health history.
  • Offering presentations on topics in safety and health history.
  • Developing and publishing special reports on safety and health history.