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The Safety and Health Historical Society seeks to share lessons learned from past events, people, methods, and accomplishments of many individuals, companies, and organizations that advanced safety and health for the public and workers.

Safety Through Design: An Old Concept for Accident Prevention

The safety-through-design concept that engineering design can impact the safety of equipment, vehicles, buildings, as well as manufacturing and construction processes. This approach for protecting workers and the public has been around since the early…

Welcome to the Safety and Health Historical Society (SHHS) web site! SHHS seeks to celebrate the people, events, methods, accomplishments, and records from the history of safety, industrial hygiene, fire protection, insurance, government, human factors, societies, organizations, publications, companies and other entities that have moved the safety and health professions forward for well over 100 years. There are many, many stories to tell and accomplishments to capture and share. That is the goal of the Safety and Health Historical Society. 

Join SHHS to learn of our past and to contribute to uncovering and telling about the significant accomplishments of the past!

The Archives of Safety and Health

The primary means for sharing the accounts from the past is through the official journal of the Safety and Health Historical Society. The Archives will tell the stories that influenced safety and health today.


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Societies Involved in Safety and Health History
Many organizations evolved during the history of safety and health and contributed in countless ways to the continuing success.
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Book by William H Tolman
Did you know? Who wrote one of the earliest textbooks in safety and health?
One of the earliest textbooks in safety and health was authored by the Director of the American Museum of Safety,
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