Living History Program

About the Living History Program

Safety and Health Historical Society’s Living History Program is a collection of written, oral and video reports from distinguished senior members of safety and health practice from a variety of specialties.

The SHHS seeks to compile oral and written records from any individuals with a significant history in any aspect of safety and health practice. The participation is voluntary. If you know of someone who has experience to share, please assist them in participating or encouraging them to participate.

There is no specific format for preparing oral and written personal histories. For some individuals the best approach is to prepare a written report that covers significant information from their history. For others, an approach is to conduct an interview for a report or to capture the interview through an audio or video record.

An individual with a living history record does not need to be a participant with SHHS as a patron or in any other category.

Help build our living history

Do you know one of these distinguished senior member of the safety and health practice? Are you interested in helping us capture their perspective on their contributions? If you would like us to reach out to the person, please complete this form.

Download the Living History Program – Question Guide to help compile significant information about an individual. You can use it or modify it for a living history record. The questionnaire can serve as a guide when doing a written history of someone’s career in safety and health or for interviewing someone. Expand or modify the questionnaire to fit individuals and circumstances.

SHHS requires that the individual who is the source of the history sign a release to authorized SHHS to edit and publish the person’s history. Download the Living History Program – Release Form. SHHS reserves the right to review and edit all submitted records and to decide whether to publish a record in any form. The intent of most edits is to use portions of reports to create an article for publication or to reuse portions of any report in other manners.

Submitting a living history report:

After completing a written or audio/video record and after having the person sign a release form, submit the final record and signed release to:

PO Box 1001
Tolono, IL 61880.

SHHS will begin compiling these records and will develop a way to post them on the SHHS web site. Should you have any questions, please contact SHHS.


SHHS thanks all who participate in creating these living history records.