Did you know that there were many safety and health issues related to fashions for both men and women? In many cases, there was limited knowledge about the substances and practices involved. In addition there was limited medical and technical knowledge about the relations between exposures and results. A few authors have documented some of the dangerous fashions that faced people over the last centuries. Today laws and regulations have eliminated most of these fashion issues.

This article reports on some of the dangerous fashions. References discuss other dangerous fashions. In most cases, there were dangers to the wearers whether for home, leisure, or work. In some cases the greatest danger occurred to those creating the products.

  • Deadly Shoe Polish
  • Killer Green Dyes
  • The Beauty of Tiny Feet
  • Combustible Combs
  • Skirts that Burned
  • Dangerous Hats
  • Lethal Makeup
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