Donate Items or Collections

Form for Offering to Donate Items or Collections


If you have historically significant items you would like to donate to SHHS, please complete the offer form below and submit it to SHHS. Someone will get in touch with you regarding your offer. SHHS will want to decide if the items or collection fits the SHHS mission and how to prepare for potential receipt of the items or collection.

SHHS has interest in documents, books and artifacts significant in safety and health history. They may involve events, practice, and other aspects of history. They may involve safety, industrial hygiene, fire protection, occupational health nursing and medicine, human factors, and related areas for industry, processes, equipment, people and events.

Please confirm your ownership of the item(s) to be donated.
Specify the type of gift you are considering for donation to the collection. You can select more than one option.
Include type, quantity, size, weight and other applicable data about the item(s) to be donated.
State how the property in this offer would be delivered to SHHS.

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