Donate to the Safety and Health Historical Society

The Safety and Health Historical Society accepts various kinds of donations. Because SHHS is a tax-exempt, charitable organization, donors receive tax deductions for their gifts to SHHS.

As a tax exempt, charitable 501( c)3 organization, SHHS accepts tax deductible gifts of various kinds, such as cash donations, bequests, transfers, and other financial devices. In addition, SHHS will consider accepting historically significant collections, artifacts and other materials.

Cash Gifts

Donate a Cash Gift today.

SHHS will use the gifts to expand its activities such as:

  • Digitizing key historical documents and making them available on the SHHS web site.
  • Establishing committee activities, such as…
    • Living history records involving past safety and health leaders.
    • Identifying and publicizing significant safety and health collections and artifacts in museums and other places.
    • Compiling names and short bios for past presidents of societies and organizations.

Receive SHHS recognition for your cash gift(s).

BRONZE $25 to $99
SILVER $100 to $249
GOLD $250 to $499
PLATINUM $500 to $999


Founding Donor Cash Gifts

In addition, SHHS will recognize major cash gifts during 2018 and 2019 from individuals, organizations or companies as Founding Donors:

  • FOUNDING DONOR $1000 or more.

Annual Cash Gifts

As an SHHS donor, you can choose to become an annual cash gift donor. Simply mark the Cash Gift Form to indicate your interest in making an annual cash gift. SHHS will notify you of your annual cash gift renewal date.

Employer Matching Funds

If you plan to make a cash gift to SHHS, be sure to check whether your employer has a matching program for charitable contributions. The corporate contribution will receive separate recognition for cash gifts.

SHHS Donor Wall of Honor

SHHS will establish a Donor Wall of Honor to recognize those making cash gifts unless donors elect not to be listed.

Legacy & Philanthropic Gifts

Some individuals and organizations may wish to make a legacy gift to SHHS. Examples are bequests, gifts from wills and estates, certain kinds of tax-deductible gifts or gifts that offer some tax advantages. 

Some donors wish to establish a fund that recognizes a safety and health practitioner, a family member, a couple, a business or other entity. Some donors prefer to have their legacy gift devoted to a specific program of SHHS. Some wish to provide a gift so it provides life income for the donor or to achieve long-term tax goals. Some want to include SHHS in their will and estate through specific gift amounts or a percentage of estate value. 

If you have interest in making a legacy gift to SHHS, please contact SHHS. We will have you work with our legacy gift attorney to determine how to structure your gift to meet your goals.

Donate Documents, Books, Photographs, Artifacts or Collections.

SHHS has interest in documents, books and artifacts significant in safety and health history. They may involve events, practice, and other aspects of history. They may involve safety, industrial hygiene, fire protection, occupational health nursing and medicine, human factors, and related areas for industry, processes, equipment, people and events.

SHHS functions as an electronic organization. It does not intend to become a museum offering public display of historical items. It’s only means of display is through publications and the Internet. It may also provide researchers and others access to SHHS collections by written request only.

All items that SHHS accepts as donated items become the sole property of SHHS. Donors will sign a document transferring the ownership. Donors must have clear ownership of any donated items.


Item Donation Offer Form

If you have items to donate potentially to SHHS, please complete the Item Donation Offer Form for documents, books, photographs, artifacts or other items and submit it to SHHS for consideration.


If you have possible historically significant items to donate to SHHS, please complete the Item Donation Offer Form to explain the kinds and quantities of items to donate, their historical significance, the condition, who has ownership and how you would transfer them to SHHS.

SHHS will acknowledge receipt of the offer and determine whether it will accept any of the item(s) in the offer. SHHS may accept an offer completely, accept only a portion of any offer or reject the offer completely. SHHS may seek additional information or need to work out transfer details before reaching an official acceptance or rejection decision. An example is identifying the copyright holders for documents, photographs and other works and potentially obtaining copyright releases. Another example is establishing the monetary value of the item(s) or collection.

If SHHS accepts an offer in whole or part, it will have the donor complete an agreement with SHHS covering the transfer of ownership and items, addressing any legal and financial considerations, naming, long-term support, transporting/shipping, and other matters.

Significant Collections.

If a donor seeks to donate item(s) of historical significance to SHHS, the donor may prefer that SHHS recognize the donation by attaching a name to the donation or collection. SHHS will work with the donor on such requests when developing a donation agreement.

In addition, a donor may wish to provide funds with the donated item(s) for preservation, cataloging, scanning for potential public access, or other work related to managing the item(s) or collection. Again, SHHS will work with the donor to achieve these objectives.