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English For Safety
Food For Thought | By Roger Brauer, PhD
English for Safety Campaign of 1918. Is this still an issue today?
The following is a summary of an article in the February-March 1918 Issue of Safety (the publication of the American Museum of Safety in New York City). The author was Marian K. Clark of the New York State Industrial Commission challenging the inability of many workers to speak English and also their illiteracy in their [...]
Watch Your Step - Trolley Car
Food For Thought | By Roger Brauer, PhD
1917 Safety Poetry
At times safety promotion got attention through poetry. The following three poems appeared in the October 1917 issue of Safety Engineering, Volume 34, Number 4.
Frances Perkins
In This Issue | By Roger L. Brauer, PhD
Meet Frances Perkins
As a witness to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire she became an advocate for workers and the poor and played many roles at local, state and federal levels. She was the first woman to serve in the cabinet of a U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and created and implemented many reforms found in the New Deal.
Fire Engine Company
In This Issue | By Roger L. Brauer, PhD
Battling to Improve Fire Protection – 1908-1912
The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire was an event that provided publicity for a national effort to improve fire protection in the United States and reduce the huge level of “fire waste.” Many factors led to this challenge that put the U.S. at a huge disadvantage.
Triangle Shirtwaist Company - Shirtwaist Sewing Arrangement
In This Issue | By Roger Brauer, PhD.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – March 25, 1911
This was a classic fire in the history of safety and health. Young women involved in the manufacture of blouses and other clothing became trapped in upper floors of the factory building. It was very sad as 47 jumped to their death and others died from the smoke and heat. Locked exits prevented normal escape. [...]
In This Issue | By Roger L. Brauer, Phd.
Do Your Shoes Fit Properly?
From the late 1920s to the 1950s, a machine called the Shoe Fitting Fluoroscope was the ultimate method to ensure that buyers and parents were fully satisfied with a proper fit. The machine used x-rays to create a display. Kids thought it was awesome!

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