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Did You Know? | By Roger Brauer, PhD
A Poem on Compensation, 1913
A writer in the London Chronicle has versified his idea of certain effects of the British Workmen’s Compensation Act, as reproduced below
Piggy Bank
Food For Thought | By Roger Brauer, PhD
Safety Suggestions from the Civilian Conservation Corps Publication, 1942
Staying alive. Pearls of wisdom.
Automatic Sprinkler
Food For Thought | By Roger Brauer, PhD
EDITORIAL – 1919 Automatic Sprinklers Failures
In the opinion of a number of observers whose qualifications for arriving at a correct estimate are in high repute, the particular condition that is to be regarded as most seriously affecting the results of automatic sprinkler protection adversely is the installation of this device primarily on an investment basis, looking chiefly, if not wholly, [...]
National Automated Highway System (AHS) Concept
In This Issue | By Roger Brauer, PhD
The Failed Automated Highway System (AHS) for Improving Safety
Not long ago there was a national effort to use automated highways to achieve autonomous vehicles and improve safety. The effort failed. Find out why.
Roman Colosseum Elevator
In This Issue | By Roger Brauer, PhD
Elevators of the Roman Colosseum – An Innovation in Design
Human powered ingenious elevators that presented gladiators and animals to the event floor for the cheering crowds.
Archimedes Elevator (236 BC)
In This Issue | By Roger Brauer, PhD
Elevators and Elevator Safety History
Are elevators dangerous? How were they improved to increase safety? This is a summary of elevator history and the features that helped to increase their safety and allow taller buildings..
The Insurance Hall of Fame Medal awarded to H. W. Heinrich (1979)
In This Issue | By Roger Brauer, PhD
Meet H. W. Heinrich
This article provides a summary of the person, his life, professional work, and accomplishments of this icon in the practice of safety.
Accident Mortality per 100,000 of Population in the Registration Area of the United States
In This Issue | By Roger Brauer, PhD
Safety and Production
Does safety increase or decrease with an increase in production? This huge, two year (1925-1926) study (published in 1928) looks at this relationship. It uncovers that success for both derived from high level management involvement.

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