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The Borden Company published a newsletter to promote safety among its employees. There were articles on specific topics and items of humor. This is one example of a humorous item focused on accidents and carelessness.

A friend of ours was driving home late one night when he ran into a very heavy fog. Being a safety conscious individual he was very carefully picking his way along and leaning out the window watching the white strip in the middle of the road.

Out of the fog he saw the tail light of a car ahead of him and decided that his troubles were over. Let the other fellow worry about staying on the road – all he had to do was to follow his tail light into town.

Up hill and down dale, around bends and curves our hero followed the other car and was quite happy about his good fortune, when suddenly – the stop light of the car ahead of him lit up and the car came to a sudden stop.

Much to the dismay of our friend, he crashed into the rear of the other car. He was so surprised and at the same time so mad at what had happened that he leaned out of the window of his car and yelled “Why don’t you put out your hand when you are going to stop,” to which the other driver casually remarked, “Why the hell should I? I’m in my own garage.”

Photo credit:  Photo by Maksim ŠiŠlo on Unsplash

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