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The Safety and Health Historical Society seeks advertising for inclusion in its quarterly journal, The Archives of Safety and Health. The information below provides details. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Frequency QuarterlyJanuary, April, July, October
Format Electronic email distribution to patrons, contributors and subscribers.
Distribution Number of copies: To be determined


Advertising Rates

Through January 2020. Pricing is for full process color. There are no discounts for black and white ads.

Quarterly Rates (for consecutive issues). Costs are per issue.
Ad Size (inches) 1 Issue 2 Issues 3 Issues 4 Issues
Full page
(7 1⁄2 w x 9 1/4 h)
$500 $450 $425 $400
Full back page
(7 1⁄2 w x 9 1/4 h)
$700 $650 $625 $600
1⁄2 page (horizontal)
(7 1⁄2 w x 4 1⁄2 h)
$250 $225 $210 $200
1⁄2 page (vertical)
(3 1⁄2 w x 9 1/4 h)
$250 $225 $210 $200
1/4 page
(3 1⁄2 w x 4 1⁄2 h)
$150 $140 $130 $125
Business card
(3 1⁄2 w x 2 h)
$100 $90 $80 $75



The deadlines listed below are for finalized and approved submission for advertisements. 

Issue Paid Agreement Completed with SHHS Copy to SHHS Publication Date
January 2019 11/1/2018 12/1/2018 1/1/2019
April 2019 2/1/2019 3/1/2019 4/1/2019
July 2019 5/1/2019 6/1/2019 7/1/2019
October 2019 8/1/2019 9/1/2019 10/1/2019


Guidelines & 

  • Political Ads
    SHHS does not permit or accept political advertising.
  • Availability
    SHHS sells advertising space on a first-come, first-served basis. Each issue of The Archives has limited advertising space. The amount depends on the space available in each issue.
  • Placement
    For other than the Full Back Page advertisement, SHHS will place ads using its judgement regarding the best organization of available ad space in any issue of The Archives of Safety and Health.
  • Payment
    SHHS must receive payment in advance of the Copy Due Date for all ads.
  • Canceling Ads
    There are no refunds for ad cancellations occurring after a Copy Due Date. SHHS will credit ad cancellations occurring prior to the copy deadline to the end of the advertiser’s placement contract. SHHS does not offer cash refunds for advertiser cancellations.
  • Other Advertising Policy
    SHHS reserves the right to reject any advertising without cause or prior notice.
    SHHS may change without notice the published rates and conditions. Advertising rates will remain in effect for the duration of an executed advertising agreement.
    SHHS will cancel or not accept ordered advertisements if an advertiser does not have an agreement in place by the date required for a publication issue.
  • Art
    Advertising cannot include any metallic or spot colors.
    SHHS can accept camera-ready advertisements requiring scanning by SHHS for a fee. If camera ready copy is not sized correctly for the space ordered, there will be a scanning charge of $50.
    Ads must use PDF files with all fonts embedded or JPEG (300 dpi or better with 600 dpi preferred). The following are unacceptable formats: MSWord, PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Word Perfect and Quark.
  • Inserts
    Since The Archives of Safety and Health is an electronic publication, SHHS does not consider inserts.

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